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The tax U.S. Agency, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), has ruled on the status of the virtual currency Bitcoin and has clarified its tax treatment in its various uses. The IRS policy includes the following elements:

The wages paid to employees using the virtual currency are subject to tax for the employee, it must be reported by the employer, and are subject to the retention of all relevant to salaries tax.
The virtual currency payments aimed at independent contractors and other service providers are subject to taxes and fiscal rules of self-employment that apply in general.

The character of the gain or loss on the sale or exchange of virtual currency depends on whether the virtual currency is a well of capital in the hands of taxpayers.
A payment made through virtual currency is subject to the submission of information to the same extent as any other payment made in the form of property.
This last designation is important, since those who traded with this coin are faced with tax obligations, like everyone, and the benefits generated by keep deposits in this currency be taxed as capital gains, not profit or income.

As the maximum tax in United States for capital gains is 20, compared with the maximum of the 39.6 for income, this designation is important, and it is no surprise that it has been very well received by U.S. Internet users to play with this coin. Before wanted to leave them in peace, now play fiscally in the real world as the best.

Internet users have submitted to this coin as a distinct form of transar economic operations but are seeing that that does not absolve them of real-world obligations, i.e. paying taxes

Bitcoins: the End of Money As We Know it - Torsten Hoffmann (2015) This is a film that definitely everyone should see, since it not only speaks of Bitcoins, but money. The documentary shows from the origin, changes and other milestones in the history of money, until the current financial scheme led by banks and Governments.

Through a series of interviews with several characters of the Bitcoins, of global finance and programmers ecosystem; the film, narrated by John Barrett, explains how the current financial system damaged the global economy and why Bitcoins has the potential to be the alternative for change. This documentary is considered the best envelope today by its great performance and pedagogy, Bitcoins on CriptoNoticias invite all our readers to see him and expose a number of reasons to reinforce such an invitation. Without a doubt, it is a well done film with good visuals and a good script that keeps us always tuned to the screen.